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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


just got back from the south by southwest music festival,i went with flosstradamus,and it was quite eventful,found out i make blog house :( ,saw chromeo and kid sister at this fresh blues bar in austin,saw/chilled with the pack and switch,did a couple of shows for urb,biz3,puma and more with flosstradamus and preformed at a epic outdoor dance party with the rub ( to a party at this fader warehouse and once again was reminded that chicago was doing the damn thing, going dumb with j2k and trackademiks when ayres put all my fav hyphy joints,props to all the steppers in there namely chuck inglish and melisa kid sister(hahahah,you know how chicago do),rode in a damn rickshaw bike cab thru the actual 'jects with j2k,hanging with the duders of duders,a-trak and nick catchdubs aka mr watch my feeet,shouts to amanda blank,pearl,rosie,naeem,cosmo baker,ayres,eleven,dave switch,constance,eliot lipp,dj mel,k-the-i???,olivier at mental groove,john b rambo,dave1,p-thug,cullen,emily rabbit and thunderheist.sorry it took so long to hit yall with a update but theres a treat at the end of all this to try to make up for my tardiness,a joint that didnt make the mixtape,it will surface on the mixtape circuit though.

go get that new urb with floss and kid sister on the cover
and with matt roan,the cool kids,k-the-i??? and more in the next 100.

there were actually rooms for blogging.

the first 5 mins being at sxsw.

the pack fucked that guys hatchback up.

a tired autobot amazed by the hyphyness.


ok, if you dont know all-over print is dead,when your father wears it,you do now.

catchdubs says STOP!!! swagger jacking.

pugslee atoms aka thugslee gatoms and adam from DV was there too.

young jeezy and r. kelly feat. vyle - go getta

click and download

stay tuned,it will only get better.

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Bruno said...

sorry to post this in comments, but i couldn't find a contact email...

i've a new remix single - bizzy bone vs. six finger satellite
plus nas vs. funkstorung on the b-side

hope you dig it

Sasha Frere-Jones of "The New Yorker" featured these is his blog:

"Your Standard Life" said:

"features the word motherfucker a lot."