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Thursday, March 01, 2007

finally arrived to montreal

I got to the TTC show late.

i got to the airport just past the time limit for a international flight due to traffic hassles at the terminal,flew stand-by after waiting for 11 hours at the airport making beats and traveling back to the city,got a taxi went to the club in a haze from sleep and being jetlagged first met up with mr. ghislain poirier.

gino is on gee mode in the MTL seriously.

met up with TTC boys backstage talked about future projects and collaborations and the upcoming shows,met some of my canadian hollertronix family,did a montreal TV interview for voxpop montreal with teki(google that up,great tv show)met jeanbart(omnikrom),was told to put my cigarette out by the bartender that didnt flinch when sub and tido rolled up some trees to my jetlagged amazement,the currrttissss movement was in full effect,met DL jones from the peer pressure crew and romain from paris,the true inventor of the ipod battle but we left that and headed for poutine with steak,hot dog,bacon,chicken and other meat assortments
(n0 homo)

met up with graham from thunderheist while trombeezy(i see you!) gets her phone on shortly after gino puts his foot in his mouth due to montreal codeine and holloween concert stories from fastastic rock musicians.

trombeez,teki and i,while all tired, wait for our poutine,this picture was taking pre-poutine enlightenment.

gino does a little phone business of his own.

everyone is full from this french fries,gravy and thick cheese concoction and we head back to our respective spots,to get ready for the Sharp A'Los party L'ettiqutte throws with Teki Latex And Tido Berman djing with me and young cuiz(pictured above) preform.


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Mike B said...

Gino is my main man! That's funny. How do you know him? I heard you started a blog and I like your tracks so I figured I'd peep... end up seeing pics of Gino. Small world.