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Saturday, March 03, 2007

I miss chicago.

i left chicago without my phone charger,so expect a guest post coming in the future with subtitle and young cuiz behind the camera,for now what makes chicago the number 1 city in the usa.working on songs for my mixtape with parisians and montreal greats from bands like arcade fire,ominkrom,and numero.mixtape is shaping up well.

im preforming march 15th Para One of TTC,La Radio and Guns N Bombs

avanttrill nites at the mansion(thats the guesthouse part)

their blog is hilarious,some chicago northside insight from the night after the club.

lobster mashed potatoes a la chinoise

how uffie(or anyone else for that matter) looks at 7 in the am
after waking at 7 the previous day

as a bonus heres a new song from the kings of montreal: omnikrom
with a song from their new album due out mid 2007 on sabateur records
this is a myspace rip,cop the single when it drops!!!!!

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